Internationalisation services



We offer a wide range of services to support exports and the possibility of designing customised projects for your company and/or product.

  • International market studies

    Studies must respond to specific questions posed before starting a new activity. Although many activities contain a market study (or preliminary study) by default, they can also be performed as a separate project. The Benchmarking service is an example of a type of market research study.
  • New markets benchmarking

    This service provides a view of the current status of the competition with an objective analysis of its competitive advantages and innovative and successful concepts, enabling us to reach conclusions and compare them with our product and position.
  • Marketing Plan and international communication

    When drafting the Marketing Plan, the product/service communication strategy is adapted accordingly to country/market culture, preferences and tendencies.
  • Market introduction

    Basic service to meet the needs of a new market. It includes a preliminary study of the sector and market, creation of a database of agents, distributors or importers customised for each product/service, making commercial contacts and their follow-up, as well as preparation and compilation of a contacts agenda for said distributors and importers.
  • Destination meeting agenda

    We take care of preparing meeting and logistics agendas.
  • Trip to prospect new markets

    Preparation of the meeting agenda with a previous establishment of a database, preliminary contacts, monthly reports, follow up of visits and contacts made during the trip to prepare and take full benefit from it.
  • Establishment on new markets

    We do everything necessary for speedy and efficient implementation of the structure (production, distribution network, representative office, etc.). We also provide services for those developing this process by themselves but who require occasional support. See "Long-term and occasional legal advice".
  • Customised internationalisation

    All our skills are at your disposal. The aim of Argos is to develop your project to meet your needs.