News on internationalisation

Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

The ARGOS office in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg is comprised of three international relations technicians and other staff. This office already operates full time and has 20 years’ experience in these markets. It is located right in the international business centre of the European Union’s capital, Brussels, and supplies services to Spanish and foreign companies and institutions to satisfy their needs in these markets, and from these markets to the rest of the world.

The Director of the Office started working for the Murcia Regional Government and is one of its oldest offices; he then presented the office network to the Asturias Regional Government, which he led to work for this typically industrial region. He also encouraged the idea of creating ARGOS and its first Chairman. He set up an office in Sweden to provide services to Spanish companies in Nordic Companies. He then obtained the commercial Office of the La Rioja and Navarre regions for Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg markets. Finally, as we can see, this office has vast experience in different sectors due to the regions with which it cooperates, offering services to hundreds of companies: consumer goods (wine, food, furniture, construction materials, etc.), industrial goods (metal, industrial subcontracting sector, etc.), services, transport and logistics, tourism, etc.