News on internationalisation

Germany and Switzerland

The ARGOS Germany/Switzerland office is located in the centre of one of the most important industrial and commercial parks in Germany, between Frankfurt and Stuttgart and 300 km from Switzerland. Since 1994, it has been focused on foreign trade counselling and since 2002 it has formed a part of the ARGOS network as one of its founder offices. It has cooperated with private institutions and companies making the German and Swiss markets transparent, introducing Spanish and Latin American companies, developing commercial and key account management strategies, searching for investments, developing end performing events, preparing fairs, organising conferences and/or sales point promotions, etc. It has always worked simultaneously in many different sectors although it is specialised in food and wine due to demand, holiday and social welfare housing and general construction, metal and industry sector, furniture, footwear and tourism. Renewable energies are also important due to the particular commitment of these markets to protecting the environment. This is one of the ambitions of Matthias Winkler, director of ARGOS Germany/Switzerland, who was one of the founders of the Green Hope NGO in particular, to save the forest in Ecuador through the sustainable marketing of local products.

The work team at the QARGOS Germany/Switzerland office includes 5 fully bilingual vendors (German-Spanish) with vast market experience working with several local and regional institutions like Chambers of Commerce, Associations and State and Sectoral Offices.